ColorLogic releases ZePrA 9.0.1.

19 août 2021

ColorLogic is continually improving its software with the latest in color management technology. Today we release ColorLogic ZePrA 9.0.1 which includes many bug fixes and quality improvements.

Optimized functions in ZePrA 9.0.1

  • The behavior of the option Direct conversion to Target Color Space in the Images/Vectors tab of the configuration has been changed for Multicolor Document Color Spaces. If the checkbox Apply Document Color Space is ticket and a CMYK image or vector without embedded profile is to be converted, the profile settings on the Document/Target tab will be used instead of the Default Profile to achieve a consistent result. (Ticket #212611)
  • The Desired TAC setting in the Auto Setup mode Optimize Total Area Coverage has been optimized. For the profile selected under Document Color Space now the indicated Profile TAC is always used. Previously the Desired TAC was not updated but taken from the previous profile used in the wizard and had to be changed manually by the user.
  • The maximum number of channels (process colors and spot colors) used for dynamic media wedges is 32. If there are too many spot colors in a file to be processed and ZePrA can’t create the dynamic media wedge for all spot colors a warning message appears now informing that not all spot color have been included in the dynamic media wedge.
  • The manual selection of the Pages to be converted on the PDF tab of a Configuration under Advanced Options is ignored if the Transparency Flattening setting Rasterize Document is selected. However, if there are other settings with or without Transparency Flattening, the Pages selection is taken into account.

Bug Fixes in ZePrA 9.0.1

  • Fixed the SmartLink calculation in cases where the SmartLink method is not explicitly set which lead to unintended color conversions. The problem happened with configurations where the SmartLink method has not been explicitly defined for each color space, e.g. when a configuration is created via Auto Setup with DeviceLink and is later switched to SmartLink without changing the SmartLink Method. It could also happen when importing an older configuration from ZePrA 8 with undefined SmartLink Method settings. (Ticket #212661)
  • Fixed that a configuration could not be opened for editing and reported a warning message, probably because of a corrupted profile.
  • Fixed a PDF error due to a combination of large PDF file size and incremental updates (Ticket #212582)
  • The Post Process handling in the Define Queues dialog under the Options tab has been fixed. When the user selects an application such as Acrobat to open up converted PDF files after conversions, see screenshot, quotes are added automatically. Quotes are necessary around the selected path for the post processing to work correctly. If there are no quotes ZePrA does not crash any more and batch files are processed now, too. (Ticket #212666)
  • Fixed the issue with the DLS-Manager when started with an NFR license loaded under macOS that two wizard pages have been overlapping. (Ticket #212596)
  • Fixed a bug where a PDF file with an empty signature form couldn’t be processed.
  • Fixed that the Auto Setup modes for SaveInk and TAC reduction produces configurations with a wrong default profile for Gray color spaces. The intended profile must be the same as the one used for CMYK.
  • Fixed that the dialog Spot Color Report does not remember its settings when Saving as PDF report and not using the Preview feature.
  • Fixed a crash under macOS when writing a JPEG2000 image.
  • Fixed crashes when exporting a selected spot color after using a search filter in the Manage Spot Color Libraries dialog.

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