MadeToPrint & MadeForLayers available for Adobe InDesign 2020, including notarization for macOS Catalina

21 nov. 2019 By Sam Claeys

axaio software, developer of automation solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets as well as for accessible PDF creation, announces the compatibility of MadeToPrint and MadeForLayers for Adobe InDesign 2020 as well as notarization for macOS Catalina.

Adobe’s major release version 2020 of InDesign looks very promising! It brings interface changes, such as the new Home screen for a better usability and easier feature access, as well as text improvements, such as SVG support, variable fonts and assigning keyboard shortcuts to styles. There are also some under-the-hood changes that will improve your day-to-day experience with InDesign. In other words, axaio software is excited to have MadeToPrint (Standard and Auto version) and MadeForLayers immediately available for Adobe InDesign’s newest version 2020.

Furthermore MadeToPrint and MadeForLayers has been notarized by Apple, which means all additional security checks required for notarization have been met. Notarization is a minimum requirement for Catalina compatibility.

MadeToPrint is a plug-in for Adobe InDesign and InDesign Server to automate print output processes through standardization of print settings, merging multiple output steps into one output task and ensuring consistent output results through different control checks. With MadeToPrint, output processes are optimized, which increases output reliability considerably and shortens production time.

MadeForLayers is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign that makes it much easier to edit documents that contain multiple layers. With MadeForLayers, the user combines several layers in layer views to display certain versions of a document, including regional, technical or language-specific versions, with a single mouse click — clearly and concisely. Errors are minimized and valuable layout time is saved, as the layer views — once compiled — can be called up again and again. MadeForLayers is also available as built-in functionality in MadeToPrint for an automated output of the layer views into different export formats, such as PDF.

Pricing & availability

The new versions of MadeToPrint and MadeForLayers for Adobe InDesign 2020 are immediately available! MadeToPrint pricing starts at € 349 (excl. VAT) for the Standard version and at € 2 490 (excl. VAT) for the Auto version. The single user license of MadeForLayers costs € 149 (excl. VAT). For more information, please contact

The new versions as well as free 30-day trials are available on the axaio website:

Practical tutorials are available here.

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