Milestone: version 10 of the successful Claro automatic image enhancement solution

31 mars 2015


More than a decade after the initial release, Elpical introduces v10 of Claro

Giesbeek, The Netherlands, March 31th, 2015 - Elpical Software, a leading provider of automatic image enhancement and image workflow solutions, announces the availability of the latest version of its Claro automatic image enhancement solution. Over the years, Claro has become the automatic enhancement solution of choice for customers around the globe offering the best value for money in its category. Renowned publishers rely on Claro to automate retouching of images, ready for production. They enjoy consistent, high quality results for their print editions as well as their electronic publications. Elpical consistently focuses on bringing improved image analysis and quality enhancement. Claro 10 is also a major step forward in user-experience.

New user-interface

Truly a milestone for Elpical and its customers; version 10 features a completely new user-interface as the most visible change. The answer to the question what makes a good user-interface is not a constant. Expectations are changing as new technologies are adopted. What was intuitive 5 years ago isn’t necessarily today. Hence the new user-interface for Claro, designed to be easy on the eye and intuitive. With version 10 Elpical now has a user-interface that is in line with the great technology inside, a core technology that has never stopped evolving.

New intelligent color filter

Although Claro 10 focuses on user-experience, we haven’t forgotten about our roots and core technology! Each publication has a look & feel. Some use warm and soft images (i.e. a fashion magazine) some use hard and colorful (i.e. motorsport magazine). Customers always have been able to customize settings to accommodate these different styles. But in version 10 we go a step further. Customers are able to apply a new intelligent color filter that allows for warmer or cooler images using any color they please. Applying a color filter on a complete image is great for the colors in an image but not so great on the neutrals (i.e. white clothing becoming yellowish). The new Claro color filter allows keeping the neutrals neutral while enhancing the colors in images. And, as with all Claro image enhancement features, completely automatic!

Online, real-time license activation

Claro 10 features a complete license overview, and ability to activate a new license online, in real-time. Licenses can also be de-activated, if they need to be moved to another machine.

Rental option with automated invoicing, payments and license renewals

Claro has been available in a rental model for a while, avoiding the initial investment of a purchase. Now you can rent Claro by the month, with the option of automatic renewals. Automated invoicing, credit-card payments and license renewals ensure smooth uninterrupted Claro usage.

Extended user management

Claro 10 offers the ability to create multiple user accounts and assign privileges to those accounts. This leads to better application management.

Online documentation on

On this new site, clients have access to the full documentation of Claro 10, as well as tips & tricks and a Claro forum where users can interact with other Claro users.


Claro 10 is immediately available. Trial versions can be downloaded on the Elpical website. A new license is required for upgrades from previous versions. Please contact if you wish to upgrade.

Press Contact

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Phone: +31 313 633156

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