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Need to create a simple text file as part of your Switch flow? This app makes that possible with a standard tool, and often lets you avoid writing a custom script!

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Create simple text files

Use the “Create text file” app in your Switch flow when you need to write a simple text-based file. This could be a plain text file, or perhaps an uncomplicated CSV file or HTML snippet. You can set the filename (and extension) of the created text file and of course you can control the contents of the file. The app will deliver it to its output folder after creation.

Use job information

The app can be set to output a text file each time a job arrives in the Switch flow. This allows you to use job related information into the text file by using Switch variables. The output file name can be fixed, or it could be the name of the incoming job (perhaps with a different extension).

Periodically generate output

Create text file can be triggered by a timer as well. When used like this, it doesn’t need incoming jobs, but automatically outputs a text file of your choosing every so many seconds. The output file could include the current date and time by using Switch variables, or it could be entirely fixed (perhaps to be used as a trigger file for the rest of the Switch flow).

Customize contents

The app supports Switch variables, which means you can use job related information, the current date and time, private data and other metadata associated with the incoming job and more. If you have the Switch scripting

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