Export PDF to PostScript Level 2 EPS

Especially in some newspaper workflows, files still have to be processed as EPS PostScript Level 2 files at least in parts of the workflow. pdfToolbox offers a very easy way to convert PDF files to EPS with the click of a button.

Open pdfToolbox Switchboard and click on "Document" group icon

Open the PDF to be exported to EPS in callas pdfToolbox 4.5. Open the pdfToolbox Switchboard and click on the "Document" group icon.

Choose "EPS export" in "Document" group

In the "Document" group of the pdfToolbox Switchboard, choose the "Export EPS" action.

Set parameters for export to PostScript Level 2 EPS

In "EPS export", the following parameters can be set:

  1. "PostScript Language Level": use Language Level 2 for maximum compatibility with older PostScript systems.
  2. "Simulate overprinting" should only be checked for sending output directly to color laser printers or inkjet printers.
  3. "Add marks" are left off in most cases.
  4. "Page range – Start page / End page": this parameter is enabled for multiple page PDFs. It is possible to create EPS files for only some of the pages in the PDF.
  5. "Execute" allows to define a folder where the exported EPS files shall be saved.

Choose folder for exported EPS files

Choose a folder where the exported EPS files should be saved.

Export to EPS complete

Once the export to EPS is complete, the exported EPS files can be found in the previously chosen export folder.



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