pdfToolbox - Prepare handouts for a presentation

Convert a presentation file into PDF and generate a handout file from it. In a second step, convert this handout PDF into black and white in order to save ink or toner on the printing device.

Open "PDFA Presentation.odp"

A PDF file is created from the presentation

8 pages are created from the presentation file as indicated in the lower left corner. You may use the page up and page down cursor keys in order to scroll through the PDF file.

Open pdfToolbox Switchboard and select "Present"

Select Handout

The Handout options windows opens

You can select the desired page layout

3 up with space for notes is a good choice.

Click Execute

The Handout PDF is generated

One slide on the first page as selected

Three page with notes on the other pages

Create a black and white version from this layout

Go back to the main Switchboard window and select "Colors".

Select "Convert to B/W"

Click on "Execute"

The PDF is being processed

The black and white first page

And the second page



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