Prepare Ad with rich black and high TAC for print

callas pdfToolbox 4.5 offers a very easy way to visualize rich black text (mostly original black text that was converted to 4C unintentionally) and areas with ink coverage too high for the desired printing condition.

Open our example Ad "210x285_ClassicCar.pdf" using the open dialog or by pressing Cmd-O

Alternatively, you can also drag-and-drop the PDF document onto the callas pdfToolbox 4 application icon or the callas pdfToolbox 4 canvas.

Adjust the window size to your needs

The bottom line gives information about the PDF's dimension and, in this case, the claimed PDF-Standard and the embedded Output Intent.

To visualize the ink coverage, open the Vizualizer tool – choose "Visualize ink coverage" in the View menu

The Visualizer can also be opened by pressing Cmd-Shift-I.

The Vizualize ink coverage tool opens with a default value of 300% total ink coverage (TAC)

Enter the desired TAC corresponding to the planned printing condition (1). A TAC of 300% is a good compromise if the only known fact is that the Ad will be printed on coated paper.
Depending on the visual result, it is to decide if the problematic area in question has to be fixed. In this example, there is a large part of the image in the area (2) of 300 to 320% TAC (3) which has to be corrected for this example.
Close this window by pressing the Done button.

Open the Switchboard, if not yet open, by pressing Cmd-2 or by choosing Switchboard in the Tools menu

The Switchboard gives you access to various pdfToolbox 4 functions, logically grouped.

Press the Colors button

Shows the available color conversion tools.
DeviceLink conversion is needed to perform a color transformation of the complete PDF to a different or adapted printing condition.

Choose DeviceLink conversion

To limit the total ink coverage of the PDF to 300%, choose "Sheetfed offset, reduce to 300% ink limit (Europe)" – part of the optional DeviceLink Add-on (1).
To convert the PDF, press the Execute (2) button.

Executed DeviceLink Conversion

Successful DeviceLink conversion.

Visualize the result of the reduction of the total ink coverage

No relevant areas are above the entered TAC.
The pink elements (1) are colored in registration color thus resulting in 400% TAC (2) – these elements are irrelevant as they are outside the trimmed area.

To visualize the process separations, change to the process separations view

It is also possible to toggle between views by pressing Cmd-left or Cmd-right.

Visualize the combined CMY plates

Elements defined in black only shall not be visible using the CMY only view (1). However, the Mercedes Star (2) is. To better view the Star, use the Loupe tool.

Zoom into a page area

To open the Loupe window, hold down the Shift-Key and drag a rectangle around the area of interest.

View objects of interest in the Loupe window

Switch to the K channel only view

Switching between views can also be achieved by using the right and left key for fast navigation.

Visualize the black plate

Navigate to the Colors group in the Switchboard

Shows the available color conversion tools.
"Correct 4c Black" is needed to perform a color mapping for text or vector elements defined in rich Black to Black only.

Executed "Correct 4C Black" Conversion

Executed rich black correction

Check CMY channels for elements that should be Black only using the Visualizer

To open the Loupe view, hold the Shift key while drawing a frame around the object of interest.
No more black only elements on the CMY only plates.

Re-check the black separation

Change back to the K-only view.

The next step requires to remove the registration marks and to clip the Ad to the visible area

When placing Ads in a layout, it is often necessary to remove registration marks and clip the PDF to the visible area. This can be achieved in 2 steps.

Navigate to the Arrange group in the Switchboard

The Arrange tools allow to combine, rearrange and separate PDF pages in various ways.
Press the Slice button.

Slice off objects in registration color

Slice lets you "cut away" objects. The affected objects are defined by a preflight check. callas pdfToolbox 4 comes with a predefined list to check for various objects.

Select "Registration color v4.5" from the check pull-down menu

For our example, it is necessary to choose a check that finds objects defined in registration color.

Press the Execute button

This fix creates a duplicate of the opened PDF. Therefor, you have to choose a location for the newly created document.

Result of the Slice action

This action results in 2 PDFs. One file with the sliced off objects and the PDF with the remaining objects.

Result of the Ad without registration color objects

Click the Home button of the Switchboard window

The Home button brings the user back to the main view of the Switchboard.

Click the Pages button

The Pages group offers tools that can change the size or the position of a page.

Click "Crop to visible"

Crop to visible clips the PDF to the visual objects.
Press the Execute button.

Successful execution of "Crop to visible"

Result of the cropped to visible objects Ad

Pressing Cmd-S saves the altered PDF to disk.



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