Tutorial - Translation of braille

ArtProof performs a pixel-based comparison between two digital files. It supports PDF, AI, TIFF, BMP and JPEG. It quickly detects and identifies missing text, graphics, incorrect fonts and text sizes, as well as broken type and color deviations.

In this tutorial I focus on the Braille tool. The tool detects braille region(s) in both master and sample file. There are two options available:

  • Braille Translation: Detects and translates braille and displays information about the braille dots such as the language and number of dots.
  • Braille Compare: Compares braille regions that were detected on the sample against the detected braille regions on the master.

I will show the translation of the braille in a folding carton job. This will be done on the production PDF file (sample).

Launch ArtProof

Load the sample PDF file "Carton job_Sample.pdf"

  1. Double click in the Sample panel to launch the file load dialog box and navigate to the folder where the sample PDF file "Carton job_Sample.pdf" is located.

The sample PDF file is the production file.

Prepare the PDF file for inspection in the PDF Viewer

  1. Click "Accept Changes".

The PDF file itself is not changed.

Translate the braille of the sample PDF file

  1. Go to "Braille".
  2. Click "Language".
  3. Select "Braille".
  4. Click "Translate Sample".

Analyze the braille translation

The two braille regions are auto-detected, highlighted, numbered and translated.

Review the second braille region

  1. Select braille "Region 2".

The braille region is magnified.

NOTE: In the braille region there is a problem. The translation of the braille is not correct for the word "solution". ArtProof detects the letter "f" instead of "n". This issue will be highlighted when you compare braille between the original (master) and production file (sample).

Open the Report dialog

  1. Go to "Generate Report".

Generate the report

  1. Enter the product ID "1".
  2. In the Status drop down list choose "Fail".
  3. Enter the product name "Carton job".
  4. Enter lot "1".
  5. Enter your name.
  6. Enter the comment "Braille is not ok. Check braille region 2!".
  7. Click "Save".

NOTE: I put the status on "Fail" because there is a braille mistake in region 2.

Save the report

  1. Save the report as "Carton job_Braille_Report".
  2. Click "Save".

Analyze the report

The inspection results of the braille are included in the report. The report has an overview preview of the inspected braille regions, a detail preview of each braille region with details and translations and the added comments. This PDF report has to be send to the person who is responsible for the corrections.



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