Webinar - Automatic Image Optimization with Claro

Do you already know how to improve image quality while decreasing retouching time? Some big names in the industry such as BBC Magazines, Sanoma, Bonnier, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Mondadori France, Modern Luxury and USA Today do. They use Elpical Claro!

During this webinar, Tom Peire will introduce you to the benefits of the automatic image optimization software Elpical Claro. He will also explain how you can easily integrate it into your existing workflow - no matter if you are a printer, publisher or an online communication company.

Elpical Claro excels when it comes to high volume image optimization. For you and your team this means reducing production time and costs while delivering consistently high-quality image enhancements.

02:22 - Start of the webinar
02:55 - Introduction of Elpical Software
04:30 - Introducing the Claro technology
07:35 - Introducing the Claro product
08:52 - Introducing the Photoshop Inspector
10:30 - Introducing the InDesign JobClient add-on
13:09 - Integrate Elpical Claro in your workflow using the Routing channels
15:44 - Supported file formats for Elpical Claro
18:47 - Start of demonstration
19:05 - Demonstration of the Claro Photoshop Inspector
28:20 - Demonstration of the Claro InDesign JobClient
30:35 - Elpical Claro configuration
53:58 - Logging and Monitoring Claro
54:47 - Going back to see the results of the InDesign JobClient
56:16 - Markets for Elpical Claro
57:00 - Benefits of using Claro
58:58 - Unique Selling Propositions for Elpical Claro
1:01:11 - Pricing for version 9 of Elpical Claro
1:03:12 - Market situation for Claro



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