Webinar - New standards on the horizon: PDF 2.0 & PDF/X-6

PDF 1.x has been with us for a long time, since 1993. As the PDF file format is now an ISO standard (ISO 32.000), ISO has been working on a major update, named PDF 2.0. It has also been working on a new part of the PDF/X standard. At the VIP Event 2017, Dietrich von Seggern (Managing Director of callas) introduced the upcoming standards during this session, together with their consequences for your tools and workflow.

01:20 - PDF 2.0 and ISO 32000-2
05:30 - PDF 2.0 will not break PDF 1.x workflows
08:39 - New features in PDF 2.0 09:36 - DPart Metadata
15:20 - "Common document metadata" for standardization of DPart Metadata
17:38 - Document Information Dictionary
18:43 - Page based Output Intents to overwrite Output Intents on Document level
22:05 - Black Point Compensation flag
23:33 - CxF and Mixing Hints for Spot Colors
27:16 - Screening
27:47 - Requirements array to add information about which features are used in a PDF 2.0
28:16 - Preparations to make before PDF 2.0 features become relevant
31:31 - PDF 2.0 in pdfToolbox 9.4
38:29 - PDX/X-6
41:29 - Summary & questions from the audience



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