Webinar - Reporting for duty

In this webinar, we will talk about reporting in pdfToolbox.

  • What are the options to create reports in multiple languages in pdfToolbox Server or CLI?
  • For pre-press people the built-in profiles are probably understandable, but for your clients they might not be so easy to understand ... What are your options if you want to change the items reported to the user?
  • Don't like how pdfToolbox writes out your preflight report, because the text is too technical or terms haven't been translated correctly in your language? Maybe you want to have a preflight report in a language that is not supported by pdfToolbox. Custom dicts to the rescue!

00:48 - Setting the language for a preflight report in pdfToolbox
04:09 - Demonstration in pdfToolbox 10 CLI
06:22 - Generating multiple reports in different languages
08:30 - Using --help in pdfToolbox CLI to view possible commands and syntax
09:47 - Changing the name of reported Checks and Fixups in pdfToolbox reports
11:30 - Demonstration in pdfToolbox 10 Desktop
12:43 - Using Object Inspector in pdfToolbox Desktop to view object details
17:22 - Using the Test mode for profiles in pdfToolbox 10 Desktop
18:55 - Custom dictionaries for reporting in pdfToolbox 10
21:25 - Demonstration in pdfToolbox 10 CLI
30:28 - Summary and how to contact Four Pees with questions



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