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Ringier is the largest internationally operating Swiss media company, producing more than 120 newspapers and magazines worldwide as well as running printing plants, several radio and TV stations and over 80 web and mobile platforms.

Ringier is the largest internationally operating Swiss media company, producing more than 120 newspapers and magazines worldwide as well as running printing plants, several radio and TV stations and over 80 web and mobile platforms.

In 1996, Ringier installed axaio MadeToPrint – at that time for Quark Publishing System. Since then, the software has been used first and foremost to create fully automated print data. This primarily consists of high resolution PDFs following the PDF/X-3 standard, but also includes lower resolution PDFs and thumbnails for downstream systems.

“Back then, we implemented MadeToPrint so that we could standardize and automate our print output,” explains Martin Werren, Head of Business Solutions IT for the Publishing and Content Management Technologies department at Ringier AG. “Standardization is really important to us. MadeToPrint supports all of the required ISO standards for PDF output and helps us avoid mistakes. It relieves our layout artists from repetitive tasks and lets them focus on their real job: design.”

By using MadeToPrint, Ringier saves 60 to 90 minutes of valuable working time per day. The software is very robust and reliable and its performance with the appropriate hardware is outstanding.

And now with a server — for even higher productivity

axaio MadeToPrint is available in three different versions: MadeToPrint Standard (€349) is an InDesign plugin that allows you to optimize and safeguard the output of individual files in PDF format or other file formats. Using predefined JobSets, you can achieve identical output results on every workstation with a click of the mouse, thus ensuring a higher level of efficiency and fewer mistakes. MadeToPrint Auto (from € 2,490), is a plugin that enables a standardized, automated output from InDesign. MadeToPrint Server (from € 5,490) is based on processing with Adobe InDesign Server (included in the package). With the server version, output processes are fully automated around the clock to process high document volumes faster and more securely and meet the highest demands in publishing and printing environments.

For many years, Ringier optimized its output workflow with the MadeToPrint Auto version, operating on seven computers. Due to its scalability and speed, the decision was made to upgrade to the server version of MadeToPrint recently. “The increase in productivity in comparison to MadeToPrint Auto is roughly 30 minutes per day for each publication,” reports the IT chief. “Another motivation for the upgrade to the server version was the consolidation of the infrastructure, meaning less time and effort required for support in the IT department.”

In the meantime all titles (“SI Style”, the “Glückspost”, “Landliebe”, “Schweizer Illustrierte” and the integrated newsroom of the “Blick Gruppe”) are produced with the server version of MadeToPrint.

Integration and support — simply top class

“The integration into our existing Woodwing editorial workflow was completely smooth and easy,” beams Martin Werren. “To help us get started with MadeToPrint, our system integrator provided support for our colleagues for a single day. Everything else could be set up gradually with internal resources. In combination with Woodwing Enterprise, nothing else on the market comes close. MadeToPrint is really efficient, flexible, and it meets all our requirements. Plus, we can count on very good 2nd level support from our integrator A&F and excellent support from axaio."

Up to date

With the massive changes in the publishing and media world, customer needs have of course also changed over the years. And Ringier has felt the shift from analog to digital media. Whereas before there was only “print”, now web, smart phones and tablets have been added to the mix. Ringier provides its services via all of these channels, keeping all of its people and lifestyle customers happy in the process.

By acquiring other companies and making various investments, Ringier has been able to extend its field of expertise. In addition to publishing, Ringier AG has also established itself in the digital sector: internet-based and mobile e-commerce services such as shopping portals or Groupon services, and classified ad services such as car, furniture and job platforms. And that’s before we get to the entertainment sector, covering everything from TV, radio, events and entertainment services (ticketing, etc.).

Mr Werren provides a summary: “MadeToPrint Server is by far the most effective tool for generating highly automated ISO standardized output files from an editorial system. We’re delighted with the product, and we’d take that step again anytime.”

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