callas software offers powerful PDF toolset for free

04 Feb. 2021

callas software, a leading provider of automated PDF quality assurance and archiving solutions, has added eight free tools to the desktop versions of its products pdfaPilot and pdfToolbox. These tools provide users with detailed insights into PDF files, including their internal structure, the fonts and metadata used, and any DPart or tagging structures in place. They can even extract barcodes and QR codes, and the “test mode” makes it possible to validate pdfToolbox profiles.

“Our new tools provide experienced users and developers with a wide range of information about PDF files that make them easier to process,” explained Dietrich von Seggern, Managing Director at callas software. “We invite interested parties to download free test versions of pdfaPilot Desktop and pdfToolbox Desktop, so they can use these eight free tools right away, with no license activation or other obligations.”

The tools are:

  • Explore PDF
    This function provides an insight into the internal structure of a file, offering a variety of views that reveal features like the content stream or resources like fonts, ICC profiles and more. Among other applications, the tool is useful for hunting down invalid PDF files.
  • Explore Fonts
    Complementing “Explore PDF”, this tool lets users analyze embedded fonts, including their internal encoding or glyphs.
  • Explore Metadata
    This tool can be used to output or export both the metadata within a PDF document and the metadata related to any images the document contains.
  • Explore Layers
    The layer explorer shows a list of all layers within the document, as well as their visibility setting. It also supports metadata in line with the ISO standard on processing steps.
  • Explore Tagging
    This tool visualizes a file’s internal tagging structure and elements like headings, paragraphs or image captions.
  • Explore DPart
    This viewer identifies all DPart information that applies to pages or page regions, making it easier to set up automatic DPart-based processes.
  • Extract Barcode
    By analyzing barcodes and QR codes, this tool delivers both the encoded data and any parameters that are relevant for printing, such as bar width reduction and module width.
  • Test Mode
    This tool lets users test, improve and export any pdfToolbox profile using any test file. However, if the user does not have a license, the output PDF file will no longer be available once Test Mode is closed.

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