Firehouse gains 23% savings using online proofing and Print Automation from Tucanna

14 Jan. 2015


Communication company reduces cost of production of average job by nearly 25%.

Carlsbad, California - January 14, 2015 - Tucanna, a leading developer of online proofing, approval and large format production workflow software for the printing and packaging industries, today reported that Firehouse, a visual communications company specializing in the production of fine art and display graphics, has implemented Tucanna tFLOW. With operations in North America and Europe, Firehouse has leveraged tFLOW to eliminate the majority of its prepress activities by automating the job submission, preflighting, proofing, approval, monitoring and production processes.

“We had five people in prepress,” said Terry Corman, Firehouse CEO. “I believed that based on today’s technology, we should be able to reduce that number to one. I assigned a staff member to find that technology for me, and he quickly came up with Tucanna tFLOW as the solution. Based on our experience, I see Tucanna software changing the shape of the digital printing industry. It basically allows clients to ‘print’ the job themselves with limited intervention on our side and great results. And we estimate we have been able to take a whopping 23% off the cost of producing the average job as a result of our Tucanna implementation.”
With its new, improved workflow and increased productivity and throughput, Firehouse is poised for growth. “We are actually doubling the size of our building in March to 35,000 square feet to accommodate growth,” Corman reports.

The Tucanna tFlow Workflow series offers a full production automation and online proofing suite consisting of two key modules.

  1. tFLOW Approval is an all-in-one job submission, online proofing, approval and project management solution that includes a real-time dashboard view of job status, comments and annotations, user load and capacity. Its robust automated preflighting ensures that problems are resolved long before they enter the production process. Adobe InDesign and Illustrator plugins make job creation and delivery fast and simple.
  2. tFLOW Production offers a simple and flexible automation process for error-free prepress and production. Automated file repurposing optimizes files for different printing conditions and technologies. tFLOW Production includes an Adobe CS Connector. Centralized color management allows management of all color options from a single window.

“Working with a visionary company like Firehouse and Terry Corman is exciting and rewarding,” said Darrian Young, Tucanna CEO. “Together, we’ve been able to take almost all of the manual steps out of the order entry and production process at Firehouse, streamlining their operation, significantly reducing costs and improving the quality and speed of customer service.”

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Tucanna is a global developer and supplier of software solutions, founded in 2006. Tucanna develops “software for humans”: simple, elegant, user-friendly and yet powerful in the most complex processes; helping customers raise productivity, reduce costs and improve quality. Tucanna solutions are widely used throughout the printing industry spectrum from traditional offset and flexo to digital and large / wide format printing and mixed environments. Tucanna is represented by partners and authorized dealers all over the world.

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Tucanna PrintControl® is an easy-to-use solution for standardizing printing presses easily to achieve predictable printing results. The user is led intuitively through the processes that are necessary to establish optimal and repeatable printing conditions. PrintControl delivers effective process control and production security. Tucanna RapidCheck® is a solution that examines whether all printing parameters comply with G7, SWOP and ISO (or other user-defined in-house) standards. A single measuring procedure is all it takes to acquire the relevant data, analyze them and present them in graph form. In the event of deviations from the specified tolerances, the printer can then quickly make the necessary corrections on the press and thus ensure compliance with the selected printing standard. Tucanna tFlow® is a revolutionary, cross-platform (Mac or PC) preflighting, color transformation and workflow automation concept. Designed in an innovative app-style, tFlow enables comfortable, fast and secure PDF workflows, for both digital and traditional print businesses. The performance could not be expressed in a better way: "The complete production workflow at your fingertips!" /

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