New MadeToTag version for a comfortable use of form fields

06 Sept. 2016


Berlin - September 6, 2016 - axaio software, developer of automation solutions for PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for the publishing and printing markets, today launches an update of MadeToTag (v 1.7.080) including a brand-new feature for the optimization of form fields.

axaio MadeToTag is an Adobe InDesign plug-in to properly prepare InDesign documents for export as accessible, tagged PDF file – easy, fast and reliable. The MadeToTag UI allows step-by-step guidance and this seven step guide leads any customer safely and intuitively through the procedure of generating tagged PDF files, without missing any important step.

Tagged PDFs are essential for accessibility, so that screen reader devices for visually impaired people or reading software for users with learning disabilities can provide rich access to a PDF’s content. Tagged PDFs also enable screen reader software programs to offer easy navigation and accessible presentation of content in PDF files.

Optimize form fields with MadeToTag

"We are proud to present you our new practical feature for form field-editing today, which extends MadeToTag with another valuable feature for creating accessible documents", explains Karina Zander, Sales & Marketing Manager at axaio software.

Adobe Acrobat provides broader options for the design of form fields than Adobe InDesign previously resulting in the fact that each export had to be edited in Acrobat first. With the new feature 'Optimize form fields' different form field properties, that have been generated in Adobe Acrobat once, can be reused. MadeToTag makes it possible to choose a form template PDF including form field properties, such as font type, color, validation scripts, interactive data ... which will be taken over in the exported PDF. These templates can be used for future projects again by recalling them in the MadeToTag panel. The time-consuming and repetitive tasks in Adobe Acrobat become obsolete. Editing documents and form fields with MadeToTag is more comfortable, faster and thus more efficient.


On September 8 at 4 PM CEST Olaf Drümmer, CEO at axaio software, will hold an English webinar to introduce MadeToTags new functionality. The webinar is free of charge. Registration is possible via this link:

The German webinar on this subject will be the same day at 10 AM CEST. Registration is possible via this link:

Pricing and availability

axaio MadeToTag is immediately available. Customers deciding to buy MadeToTag by December 31, 2016, will save a lot of money. axaio software now still offers MadeToTag for the low introduction price of € 149 (excl. VAT). As of January 2017, the price will be € 599 (excl. VAT).

A free 30 days trial version of MadeToTag is available on the axaio website and can be used without any restrictions.

More information about MadeToTag is available here.

Practical tutorials about MadeToTag are available here.

About axaio software

axaio streamlines PDF creation, printing and content correction workflows for Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator and QuarkXPress environments. Its flagship product, MadeToPrint, vastly enhances the reliability of PDF creation, print output processes as well as export to other file formats and seamlessly integrates into editorial environments based on vjoon K4, WoodWing Enterprise, Van Gennep PlanSystem4 or Quark Publishing System. Another topic axaio software is focusing on is the generation of accessible documents, a theme of growing importance. axaio solutions are being used by publishing houses, advertisement agencies, prepress service providers and packaging companies all over the world. axaio software actively supports the international PDF standards and is member of the PDF Association.

More information on the axaio website:

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