tFLOW configurators for Enfocus Switch now available

11 Mai 2016


Based on tFLOW’s open architecture and robust REST API, configurators have been built to integrate tFLOW and extend the capabilities of existing Switch installations. tFLOW’s automated proofing, online collaboration and approval, project management and preflight/automation coupled with Switch’s scripting capabilities, provides a powerful combination for anyone looking to create custom automated workflows. This provides a unique opportunity for businesses already using Switch, to add user friendly, customer facing front-end tools to their back-end automated processes.

The flexibility of both systems allows multiple configurations, some of which are illustrated in the following examples.

tFLOW as an Online Proof and Approval system

Files requiring customer approval are routed to tFLOW, which handles e-mail notifications, versioning and online proofing and approval. Print buyers and service providers can collaborate real time to get jobs approved quickly and efficiently. Once approved, files can then continue their progress in the Switch workflow.

tFLOW as Project/Production Management

Orders and jobs are managed in tFLOW, which is usually directly connected to the MIS and/or Web2Print system. Once ready for production, files are sent to Switch workflows for print, layout or other automated processing steps.

tFLOW makes it easy to output to multiple Switch workflows, in the same manner it works with tFLOW Production connections. Jobs can be pre-configured to automatically output to specified workflows, or users select and send on demand via the tFLOW interface:

Given the amount of tools available in both systems, the sky (or your creativity) is the limit to what you can create.

The Switch configurators for tFlow are available for € 1500 + 20% annual support and maintenance.

For more information or a trial version of tFLOW in combination with the Enfocus Switch configurators, contact us at

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