That's a wrap at the VIP Event!

21 Nov. 2018 By Akash Choudhary


It was that time of the year again where we bring together our partners and customers and other stakeholders and meet in some part of the world. At the VIP Event, it is all about connecting, generating ideas, discussing the future of the PDF industry and much more! For most, it was a unique opportunity to connect with callas' developers, management and product management team on a single stage. It all happened on November 12, 13 and 14 in the heart of Berlin where alongside the event everyone had an opportunity to enjoy a Pocket light tour in the Berlin zoo, that when the gates were closed for general public.

During these fast-paced two days of learning and discussion, people learnt about topics like 'pdfToolbox: an IDE for profile development', what's new since pdfToolbox 10.0, 'The Great PDF Show' to know how many characters there are in the PDF specification, what color socks John Warnock wore when he invented PDF or what the difference is between OCG, OCCD and OCMD. Well, the three gentlemen mentioned below knew it all too well. A big congratulations from all of callas to Mr. Stephan Jaeggi on winning an Apple watch and Mr. Michael Meier and Mr. Jochen Günther for Amazon gift vouchers.

The Great PDF Show at the VIP Event 2018

More topics like the callas software GitHub repository which was an overview of why callas uses a public GitHub account, what you can find there and how to best use it, tagged & accessible PDF creation with MadeToTag - new features & enhancements - the progress MadeToTag has made over the past year to help customers meet their requirements to create accessible PDF from within InDesign, 'being transparant about transparency' where details of what transparency is, how it is defined and what a user can encounter as problems with files using it were discussed, getting multi-color right which included all about colours including how well does PDF support n-channel color spaces or if CxF/X-4 help at all or what options does the color conscious PDF user have today, user stories from Adressdruck & The Latvian Show and much more. Like every VIP Event, this year's Wrap up session gave an opportunity to all the participants to up or down vote the features for future versions.

Well it’s been a good few days out in #Berlin for the Four Pees nv VIP event. So much to take in with the entire suite of products, and especially well timed as we implement PCS Publishing #KnowledgePublish first workflow through callas pdfToolbox. All the sessions were well presented, clear and really showed off how powerful a tool this will be. So much to implement based on everything that has been shown at the event. Already looking forward to some of the new features that were suggested for future development.

- Alan Ramsay, PCS Publishing

Immediately after the VIP Event, callas software, Four Pees and axaio software offered a 1-day workshop which included training with developers and product management where Javascript and Sifter (Context aware object detection) became the hot topics. Did you miss out on the event? No worries! Stay tuned with us on our social media channels to find out more. Lastly, I, on behalf of callas, would like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to visit us at this year's VIP Event.

VIP Event 2018

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