Export InDesign Books with MadeToPrint

This tutorial shows that you can process InDesign Books (*.indb) with MadeToPrint automatically (hot folder based) to PDF or PostScript.

Create a MadeToPrint PDF export job

Choose a high res PDF Export preset in MadeToPrint.

Configure the filename

Choose the token «BOOKDOCNAME()» instead of «DOCUMENTNAME()» to get the name of the book. «DOCUMENTNAME()» would name the PDF according to the first Layout of the book (e.g. "Section 1.pdf").

Enable MadeToPrint preflight

To ensure the high quality update the MadeToPrint preflight. It will check if all images and fonts in the documents are available an try to load missing images from the provided package.

Create the Hotfolder Job

Go to the Autojob-Configuration.

Give a speaking name.

Set up Action

To recognize books MadeToPrint needs to trigger documents "Process Documents" (1) and must run in "Process complete folders" mode (2).

Choose the hotfolder

Tell MadeToPrint where to look for books. Therefore simply browse to your hot folders by selecting "Choose...".
Tip: If you choose "Turbo..." you only need to browse to the "main" folder, MadeToPrint will then automatically create the subfolders "In", "Out" and "Error" and fill out the fields accordingly.

Save the job

Click Apply (1) to save the jobs and Close (2) to quit the configuration mode.

Start monitoring

Click Start to start the hotfolder monitoring.

Drag Book folder to hotfolder

This is a sample of how a book folder may look like. This is just a sample - the only important thing is that there is a book file in the topmost level.

Drag the whole folder to the configured IN folder.

As soon as the copying is finished MadeToPrint Auto will recognize the book and start exporting it to PDF.

If the status bar turns green the book has been processed successfully.

You will find your final PDF in the Result folder as defined in the MadeToPrint printjob (see above).



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