Tutorial - Preflight a magazine advertisement

tFLOW is a powerful digital and large format automation workflow that simplifies difficult file management tasks and processes to optimize efficiency and production throughput.

In this tutorial, I preflight a magazine advertisement. I use a callas pdfToolbox Profile. The preflight profile has several checks and fixes to optimise the PDF file for magazine printing according to the GWG 2015 specifications.

Launch tFLOW

Sign in with an admin account.

  1. Enter the admin e-mail address.
  2. Enter the admin password.
  3. Click "Sign In".

Open the Automation Scripts panel

  1. Click on the "Settings" drop down list.
  2. Click "Automation Scripts".

Add a new automation script

  1. Click "Add New".

Customize the automation script

  1. Drag and drop the pdfToolbox preflight Profile "Magazine ads (CMYK) (GWG 2015).kfpx".
  2. Enable the checkbox "Production".
  3. Click "Save".

Open the Products panel

The automation script "Magazine Ads (CMYK) (GWG 2015)" is added in the Automation Scripts list.

  1. Click on the "Settings" drop down list.
  2. Click "Products".

Add a new product

  1. Click "New Product".

Customize the product

  1. Enter the product name "Convert to Magazine Ads (CMYK) (GWG 2015)".
  2. In the Proof Automation Script drop down list choose "custom_proof_tucanna2".
  3. In the Production Automation Script drop down list choose "Magazine Ads (CMYK) (GWG 2015)".
  4. Click "Save".

Open the Orders panel

The product "Convert to Magazine Ads (CMYK) (GWG 2015)" is added in the Products list.

  1. Click "Orders".

Add a new order

  1. Click "New Order".

Customize the order

  1. Click "Default Properties".
  2. In the Company drop down list choose the company for who you create the order.
  3. In the Order field enter "Magazines".
  4. Enable the checkbox "Open Order after creation".
  5. Enable the checkbox "Split multipage files into separate Jobs".
  6. In the Owner Users drop down list choose your name.
  7. In the Customer Users drop down list choose the name of your contact person.
  8. In the Products drop down list choose "Convert to Magazine Ads (CMYK) (GWG 2015)".
  9. Click "Save".

Analyze the created order

In the middle you have a field to drag and drop the PDF files. At the right size you have the order properties of the created order. Also comments can be added.

  1. Click on the notification icon.

Analyze the notification panel

tFLOW notified you when a new order is added. You will be also notified for new revisions (jobs) and when jobs are ready for production.

  1. Enable the order checkbox "Magazines".
  2. Click "Clear".

Add a job to the order

  1. Drag and drop the PDF file "Mercedes Ad.pdf".

Analyze the processing job

The PDF file is converted to a job. The job is processing automatic based on the created product.

Open the job for approval

The Proof and Production Automation scripts are applied. The PDF file is succesful converted to the magazine standard of GWG 2015. The job is waiting for approval.

  1. Double click on the job "Magazines-1".

Analyze the approval panel

A proof preview is created. In the approval panel you have tools to analyze the proof. Collaboration tools such as comments are included. Clicking on "Download" opens a drop down list to save the Production and Proof PDF file.



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