How can I find the callas pdfToolbox configurators for Enfocus Switch?


In the past the pdfToolbox Server installer offered the option to install Enfocus Switch configurators; this option is no longer present in the pdfToolbox Server 6 installers. So how do I get the updated configurators?


Because of how Enfocus handles configurators in Switch, it was no longer possible to provide configurators in the callas pdfToolbox Server installer. Instead, you have to install them through Switch. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch Switch and under the "Help" menu, select "Manage configurators...".

  2. This launches the Enfocus Pack Manager - quit Switch so that configurators can be updated by the Pack Manager.
  3. If you already had pdfToolbox configurators installed, scroll down on the "Local" tab. If you don't have any pdfToolbox configurators installed, switch to the "Web" tab and scroll down there. Locate the pdfToolbox configurators shown on the screen grab below:

  4. The colored lights on the right hand side of the window show the status of the configurators and determine what you should do.
    • If an orange (amber) light is shown, right-click the configurators you want and select "Update".
    • If a red light is shown, right-click on the configurators you want and select "Install".
  5. Follow the instructions of the Pack Manager to install the new configurators.


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