How to create a pdfToolbox Server job that generates preflight reports?


callas pdfToolbox Server 5 allowed you to create "Hot folders" which specified a preflight profile and which indicated which preflight report needed to be generated in case of success, warning or error. callas pdfToolbox Server 7 significantly changes how the application works and generating preflight reports doesn't seem to be available any longer.

This article explains how you can use this functionality in pdfToolbox Server using the new Process Plan functionality. To show how his works we're going to assume we had a hot folder defined in pdfToolbox Server 5 that created PDF/X-1a using a default callas profile and that we wanted an annotated PDF report if errors were found during preflight.


  1. Launch callas pdfToolbox Desktop (which you normally use to configure pdfToolbox Server) and launch the Profiles window.

  2. Using the action button at the top right of this window, click the "Create New callas pdfToolbox Process Plan..." option. This opens the Process Plan window where you can design a new Process Plan.

  3. Select the "Profile" option in the list at the top and click the "Add" button. This will add a step to the Process Plan that will allow executing a preflight profile. The screen grab below shows where you can select the PDF/X-1a profile from the list of preflight profiles available in the product (arrow 1) and where you can set what needs to happen when an error occurs (arrow 2).

  4. Click on the "On Error:" pull down menu to expose the options available when an error is detected and select the option "Create PDF comment report". By doing this, the Process Plan is instructed to execute the PDF/X-1a preflight profile and - if errors are detected - generate the selected type of preflight report. Click "OK" to save the Process Plan, you'll see that it ends up in the "Process Plans" group in the profiles window.

    Now connect to your pdfToolbox Server and create a new job.

  5. Click the "Profile:" pull down menu; you'll see your newly created Process Plan in this menu. Select it and the instructions in your Process Plan will now be executed by pdfToolbox Server.


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