How to locate my jobs folder of pdfToolbox Server?


Every job that you create in pdfToolbox Server is stored in the "Jobs" folder. It's very important to know where that Jobs folder is located to create a backup of that folder. Because when you lost your data after a crash you will be able to put the Jobs folder backup in the right place to load your jobs back in pdfToolbox Server.


  1. Go to:
    • Macintosh:
      /Library/Application Support/callas software/callas pdfToolbox CLI (version)/Server/Jobs
    • Windows:
      C:\ProgramData\Application Support\callas software\callas pdfToolbox CLI (version)\Server\Jobs
  2. Create a backup of the "Jobs" folder.
    The "Jobs" folder can be stored on a backup server or you can put it on another machine where pdfToolbox Server is running, same path as described above.


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