Keyboard shortcuts for pdfaPilot

For some functionality callas pdfaPilot offers the possibility to use keyboard shortcuts.

callas pdfaPilot

Function Short cut
Mac Windows
callas pdfaPilot Preferences Cmd+,
Hide callas pdfaPilot Cmd+H
Hide Others Alt+Cmd+H
Quit callas pdfaPilot Cmd+Q


Function Shortcut
Mac Windows
Open Cmd+O Ctrl+O
Save Cmd+S Ctrl+S
Save As Shift+Cmd+S Ctrl+Shift+S
Revert Cmd+R Ctrl+R
Close Cmd+W Ctrl+W
Exit Cmd+Q Alt+F4


Function Shortcut
Mac Windows
Cut Cmd+X Ctrl+X
Copy Cmd+C Ctrl+C
Paste Cmd+V Ctrl+V
Select All Cmd+A Ctrl+A


Function Shortcut
Mac Windows
First Page ↖︎ Home
Previous Page PageUp
Next Page PageDown
Last Page ↘︎ End
Visualize ink coverage Shift+Cmd+I Ctrl+Shift+I
Output preview Shift+Cmd+O Ctrl+Shift+O
Compare documents Shift+Cmd+C Ctrl+Shift+C


Function Shortcut
Mac Windows
PDF/A in one click Cmd+1 Ctrl+1
Switchboard Cmd+2 Ctrl+2
Profiles Cmd+3 Ctrl+3
Checks Cmd+4 Ctrl+4
Fixups Cmd+5 Ctrl+5
Organize pages Shift+Cmd+M Ctrl+Shift+M
Explore Metadata Cmd+6 Ctrl+6
Explore Layers Cmd+7 Ctrl+7
Explore PDF Cmd+8 Ctrl+8
Explore Fonts Cmd+9 Ctrl+9
Server Cmd+0 Ctrl+0
Server Checkpoint Files Shift+Cmd+0 Ctrl+Shift+0
View in default PDF application Cmd+D Ctrl+D


Function Shortcut
Mac Windows
Loupe Cmd+L Ctrl+L
Show next document ^⇥ Ctrl+TAB
Show previous document ^Shift⇥ Ctrl+Shift+TAB


Function Shortcut
Mac Windows
callas pdfaPilot Help F1 F1


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