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Webinar - Become acquainted with Caldera v13

Curious for Caldera v13? You’ll discover a whole range of new and improved features that will not only help you save time across your workflow, but deliver a more streamlined operation unique to your needs!

Fresnel & Holographic Effects in iC3D 6

Version 6 of iC3D is focused on specialist high-end print finish materials, such as foils and laminates, including holographic and Fresnel Lens effects. Get introduced to the key features of iC3D 6: Fresnel Lens...

What is a preflight Check and how do I create one?

Often the best thing you can do is search for an existing preflight Check that matches more or less what you want to do, and duplicate that. But sometimes it's quicker or necessary to create an entirely new Check. So, how do we do that?

The callas software GitHub repository

In 2017, callas software introduced a temporary GitHub account that was used to maintain a new Place Content template. In 2018, the callas GitHub account went live and it handles much more. This session gives an overview of why...

Activating a Caldera v12 Software License

Whether you're a new customer or upgrading from a previous version of Caldera, you'll need to register your license on the new Caldera Workspace. This video shows the process of registering a Caldera RIP v12 Software License on Workspace and...

Caldera Workspace

If you're starting with Caldera, the Workspace has everything you need to set you on your way! Over there, you can find installers, updates and assistance with any problems you may have. If you're already familiar with CalderaRIP, the workspace...

Converting PDF's to an ISO standard

If you have established that you want to work with the ISO PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-4 standard, the next question is what you do with PDF documents that are not compliant to those standards. callas pdfToolbox can help you to convert the...

How to use pdfToolbox CLI

pdfToolbox can be integrated into a webstore or automation system with great ease through the use of pdfToolbox CLI: the command-line version of the product. How do you get going with that and where can you find help?

Jobs with an irregular shape in Imp

InSoft Imp can deal with rectangular jobs, and with jobs that have an irregular shape. For the latter, the shape can be extracted from the PDF or can be supplied in a separate DXF or CF2 file. This is important to allow Imp to correctly gang or...

Organising your designs in Picador PackLib

If you're designing a lot of custom packaging you probably have a way to keep track of all those drawings. Did you know you can actually use treeDiM's PackLib to organise your own designs besides using it to open existing standards?
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