Four Pees shows affordable pre-press automation for packaging at LabelExpo

12 sept. 2017


Ghent, 11 September 2017 - Four Pees, an international distributor of software solutions for collaboration, automation and quality optimization in print production, will introduce a set of integrations of its packaging solutions with Enfocus Switch during the Brussel’s LabelExpo on booth 3E46. These integrations allow to build more easy, open and affordable automation processes for labels and packaging environments.

With Aleyant Pressero digital printers can offer a streamline e-commerce experience for personalised labels, boxes or other packaging products through an open B2C or dedicated B2B store. Pressero is connected to Aleyant’s tFLOW as a job submission, file preparation and online approval platform. Customers can submit jobs through an online platform that will auto-preflight and prepare files for production. The integration with Switch makes it easy to pull jobs from the cloud-based tFLOW into local production or to upload files that needed manual preparation back to tFLOW for online approval from the customer.

Under the hood of tFLOW, but also available as a stand-alone integration in Switch, callas pdfToolbox has made huge step forward in automating some of the job preparation tasks for the labels market. By detecting shapes in a PDF, pdfToolbox can easily create under color white, a varnish or die-cut fully atomically.

Global Vision, leader in automated proofreading solutions, recently combined its different technologies in one proofreading platform for text, graphics, print inspection and barcode and braille verification. Through Four Pees’ integration of this technology with Switch, you can now implement a full hands-off proofreading workflow, checking different revisions of artwork and grading and/or decoding barcodes and braille.

3D visualization is viewed as still a very manual process, but creating standardized output of different product flavors or language versions, exporting the same product image under different angles are all repetitive tasks that one should be able to automate. Through the integration of iC3D Automate with Switch, you can now simply drag the artwork variations in a hot folder and get photorealistic, fully automatically created pack shots back.

InSoft Imp is a reference when it comes to job planning and nesting. Few other solutions offer the combination of rectangular and die-cut jobs with the level of media optimization Imp can realize. The integration with Switch takes that optimization one step further, of course combining different jobs optimally in the same print run, but also pushing jobs that do not fit well in this run, back to the jobs pool. Not only does this combined solution reduce the amount of manual labor, it also saves significant money through media optimization.

Finally when it comes to color, ColorLogic ZePrA will allow those color transformations that will get you the most appealing result. Converting specific CMYK values into a spot color or separating different spot colors for 7 color printing, ZePrA handles it all.

"Pre-print production automation in the packaging industry is still dominated with a couple dominant players that typically offer expensive proprietary solutions", says Tom Peire, CEO at Four Pees. "Over the last years our existing vendors like callas software and ColorLogic have advanced their PDF and color management technologies with support for specific packaging needs. At the same time, we have expanded its product portfolio with solutions for job submission, proofreading, 3D visualization and nesting. Through these integration with Enfocus Switch, we are allowing customers to set up easy and affordable automation for label and packaging production."

You can see all the combination of these solutions in action on the Four Pees booth 3E46. To book a free product demo:

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Named after the four “Ps” of marketing – product, price, place and promotion – Four Pees markets, distributes, integrates and supports solutions for the print and publishing industry. The company focuses on products for collaboration, automation and quality optimization for the document archival, commercial print, publishing, packaging and large format printing markets.

Four Pees is worldwide exclusive distributor of the callas software product ranges, the most complete PDF processing solutions. Other represented brands include callas software, axaio software, CMA Imaging, ColorLogic, Creative Edge Software, CtrlPublishing, Elpical, Global Vision, Insoft, Laidback Solutions, Remote Director, Aleyant and treeDiM.

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