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Pressero is a cloud-based B2C or B2B storefront for printers, especially developed for the print industry. Creating your own online open or closed storefront really becomes child’s play as it requires little to no knowledge of web technology. That doesn’t mean you can’t fully adapt your storefront to your branding.
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Product information

Aleyant Pressero is a cloud-based storefront for printers which can be used in a B2C or B2B environment. This web-to-print solution has been developed specifically for the print industry, which means it has all necessary features to sell a large variety of printed products: from business cards over brochures to banners and posters. The product and pricing possibilities are endless ... With Pressero, creating your own online open or closed storefront really becomes child’s play!

Thanks to readily available templates and themes, using Pressero requires little to no knowledge of web technology. That doesn’t mean you can’t fully adapt your storefront to your branding. Pressero allows for easy customization to both your and your clients’ needs. By providing instant online pricing, you will save time by avoiding to create useless quotes and your customer can check pricing and place orders instantly, 24/7.

Furthermore, Pressero includes the powerful eDocBuilder personalization and variable data publishing system. Using Aleyant eDocBuilder, your customers can easily customize, proof and approve documents directly from a web browser. Text, images, data files, QR codes and bar codes can be merged into the finished item. As printer, you'll receive an imposed, press-ready, optimized PDF file once the order is placed. It’s clear that Pressero is not only characterized by its user-friendliness, but also by its time and cost savings!

The icing on the cake? Pressero has integration possibilities with MIS, ERP, workflow and other third-party systems you may already own or decide to buy later.

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  • Focus
    An open storefront will enable both passerby’s and loyal customers to quickly get a price and submit an order, allowing you to focus on those customers and jobs that need more personal attention.
  • Customer retention
    A closed customer-dedicated storefront with personalized products, pricing and both budget and content approval workflow, will make your customer think twice to start shopping around and go to the competition.
  • Easy to set up, yet fully customizable
    With Pressero, you don't have to re-invent the wheel. You can build on years of experience from printers who have already expanded their online presence. So, you don't have to be a web developer to adapt the website to your corporate identity. At the same time, Pressero gives you the opportunity to create your own unique website with a user-friendly buying experience.
  • End-to-end automation
    A web-to-print solution is never alone. Pressero has several possibilities for integration with external systems, such as MIS, ERP and other third-party systems. This way, you can automate from order intake to shipping!
  • Affordable
    Building a custom website can easily cost you tens of thousands of euros without knowing if it will eventually pay off. Pressero can offer you a subscription with a very affordable start-up cost!

Key features

  • B2C as well as B2B storefronts with a user-friendly buying experience
  • Possibility to have multiple user accounts
  • Easily customizable themes
  • WYSIWYG page editor
  • Instant pricing calculators
  • Integrated shipping
  • Integration possibilities with third-party systems
  • Includes Aleyant eDocBuilder, a powerful personalization and variable data publishing system
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Total Cost of Ownership

Release notes



Site Groups in Pressero

In the web-to-print platform of Aleyant Pressero, you can make multiple sites to cater to different groups of users. On the other hand, you can also set up a personalized experience and privileged pricing for key customers, while maintaining only one site.

In this video, you'll see an example of such a site, where the visible products are controlled by Site Groups, and you'll see how to set this up in the Pressero administration section.


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Site Groups in Pressero

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