Feel the fast approval flows

Easily automate collaborative workflows for end-to-end review, feedback and approval.

Online collaboration: your approval flows managed

  • Set up multi-step approval for online collaboration.
  • Decide who gets which spot in the hierarchy.
  • Choose whose approval and feedback are needed to move onto the next step in the approval flow.
  • The correct people will receive an automatic message to prompt action.

What you see is what you get

You know how it goes: the customer delivers artwork that still needs to be applied on the final product (a pen, a mug,...) or where finishing options need to be added (grommets, dieline,...) and you want to make sure that the final result will be to their liking.

Typically it takes quite a bit of operator time to prepare these proofs in the design studio. We can help you automate the generation of proofsheets or product visualizations, so they are produced in just a few seconds and sent the customer for approval.

Automate all essential print processes

Automatically prepare files for production. Based on the order information from you MIS or web-to-print system we can help you fully automate job preparation.

Generate a digital proof with a legend that shows the technical elements such as bleed, dielines, eyelets, varnish, a content table of all the used colors, etc. Ensure your customer has all the right data to give final approval and reduce the time you spend on it.