Customer Success Program

Your Print Production Concierge service. Access expert resources in time, all the time.

A dedicated team of print automation experts to improve your production

Finding qualified resources to run print production is generally a challenge these days. People with expert knowledge that are capable of getting a birds eye view on production and spotting practical opportunities where to become more efficient, are even more rare. With the Four Pees Customer Success program you get access to team of PDF, color and automation experts you can forward any challenge while your own resources can stay focused on production.

Call in the expert

It is a true Print Production Concierge service. Have a question? Ask! Whether you need advanced file or workflow support, need a hand with a process plan or a script or if you are looking for a sounding board to help you with continuous process improvement, the Four Pees Customer Success Program is your insurance you have someone to talk to.

From Standard to Enterprise

The Four Pees Customer Success Program comes in different versions ranging from Standard, Pro, Premium, to Enterprise. Based on the program they choose; you will receive a dedicated number of hours per month to contact the Four Pees consultants for issues that fall outside of a standard SMA scope. Tasks can include essential tasks such as training on products or graphic arts best practices, creating workflows, writing scripts, and everything else needed to ensure maximum efficiency. The different versions also come with varying ranges in response time and follow-up.

Customer Success Program

Support on software problems

Software Maintenance

Email only

Service depends on vendor
Support on file, workflow, production

3 hours / month

Email only

Response time of 1 working day

Only on products purchased directly or indirectly through Four Pees
350 € / month*
Support on file, workflow, production

8 hours / month

remote connection

Response time of 6 working hours

Any supported product
800 € / month*
Support on file, workflow, production

12 hours/month

remote connection

Response time of 3 working hours

Any supported product

Pro-active monthly CS call
1 500 € / month*


Shorter response time

More free days of Professional Services

Have a dedicated expert at your side
Ask for a quotation
*Invoiced quarterly. Subject to 30-day cancellation notice.

Four Pees Customer Success Program – FAQ

Does the Four Pees Customer Success Program look interesting for you and your company? Great! You still have some questions? Not a problem at all. We have gathered some of the most important questions that you might ask already in a handy FAQ. If you have any questions, or if you are interested in the program, reach out to us via phone, email or video call.

Who is this program intended for?

Process optimization is a task of constant improvement. The Four Pees Customer Success program has been specifically conceived with those customers in mind that either do not have the specific knowledge in house or do not have the focus or bandwith to evaluate and improve their workflow.

Is this a support program?

Yes & no. The main goal is to complement your internal team with additional bandwith and specific know-how in order to continuously improve their print production workflow. However there is a premium support aspect to the program.

Do these programs replace the vendor Support & Maintenance Agreement?

No. A vendor’s Support & Maintenance Agreement is first and foremost aimed at providing updates and upgrades and handling unexpected product behaviour. The SMA is not intended at providing tips and tricks, nor really implementing them. The Four Pees CSP does allow you to get assistance on training and implementation. It is not vendor specific and provides value beyond the use of a product with scripting and integration.

Which communication channels can I use?

Email, phone, chat, Zoom, pigeons, smoke signals, from the Pro subscription onwards we will use whatever communication channel you prefer. A dedicated phone number and website access will be provided.

Will my monthly time budget spill over in the next month?

No. This is a monthly subscription. Just like an insurance or a streaming service, you are welcome to use it within its limitation, however you will not be compensated for not using it.

Is this program accessible to Resellers?

Yes. Resellers can sell the Four Pees Customer Success Program to their customers and are able to use Four Pees bandwith, availability and expert knowledge.

Is this program taking into account the number of questions I ask/cases I open?

No. We are looking at the time spent. So, you could potentially raise one complicated challenge that take us a lot of time to solve or multiple easy ones.

I am currently not a Four Pees customer, is this program available to me?

Yes. From the Pro subscription onwards, it does not matter whether you have (directly or indirectly) purchased products through us. We will even support technology we know in 3rd party products such as the callas technology embedded in Acrobat Pro, Kodak Prinergy, Xerox FreeFlow or Dataline MultiPress or other products such as Quite Imposing, or others

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