About us

The print and publishing industry has gone through a revolution in the past two decades. Web-to-print, digital publishing, automation solutions and new ways of collaboration have changed the way we work and produce. In the last couple of years the technological aspect of this revolution is slowing down. While a lot of the technologies have matured, they are still under constant evolution.

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As a software vendor it is key to have a strong sales and marketing partner to gain access to the market and achieve sustainable and profitable growth. Resellers and end-users need a knowledgeable partner that offers them the products and the know-how that fit their needs and those of the market.

The Four Pees Value

Named after the four “Ps” of marketing – product, price, place and promotion – Four Pees is an international value-added distributor that markets, distributes, integrates and supports solutions for the print and publishing industry. The company focuses on products for collaboration, automation and quality optimization for the document archival, commercial print, publishing, packaging and large format printing markets.

As a distributor Four Pees manages an extensive network of resellers in various countries. At the same time we maintain an active relationship with key accounts in the various vertical markets we serve.

Our offer

At Four Pees we don’t wait for opportunities to present themselves, we create them. Through a structured, integrated approach we take innovative solutions to market. While we focus on finding the right channel and customers, Four Pees allows technology companies to do what they are good at: develop the best possible product in the market. We do this through three main activities:



Support & Professional Services

The Team

Everyone at Four Pees is young, at least in spirit. So we certainly are a dynamic bunch. Most importantly, we are all dedicated to serve our customers and partners in the best possible way.

Meet the team!

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