Feel easy packaging creation

Create it, print it, stack it and ship it with ease and flow.

Everyone is craving for attention, find a way to stand out

In a world where every brand is craving for attention and customers are suffering from choice overload, a standout branding and visibility on the shelf is everything.

  • Create digital and physical mock-ups quickly and efficiently so you can start testing the market even before production has started.
  • Making the right long-term choices in the design phase becomes even more important: test how the market responds to your branding, how the product will stack and how you can optimize shipping.
  • With shorter product life cycles, you also have lower minimum quantities. Smart prototyping will allow you to make choices with the highest ROI.

Innovative stackability

  • Use our 3D visualization software to see how your product would fold and stack.
  • Think about Mother Nature: products that stack with as little material as possible have a lower ecological footprint.
  • Position yourself as an innovative player: design your cardboard solutions in such a way that they use a maximum of recyclable materials.

Speed up the go-to-market with quick prototyping

  • Have packshots available before the product hits the market.
  • Generate high-quality 3D renders of your future products and get the marketing going before the physical packaging is ready.
  • See and test the final result. At a relatively low cost, you can create a physical prototype of cardboard packaging, bags, labels, etc.
  • Print small editions, even with various printing techniques such as undercolour white or varnish