Durst Workflow

Durst Workflow is a browser-based software solution that combines data preparation, color management, and output preparation to ensure efficient production with optimal results in the shortest possible time. The modern and easy-to-use interface allows multiple users with customizable permissions to work parallel on the same database.

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Fast & easy printing

Durst Workflow offers a variety of possibilities to create a print job; if you are in a hurry and have a print-ready file, you are only three clicks away from a print job. The integrated Harlequin RIP optimizes for parallel processing of multiple production jobs.

Proven technology

High-quality printing with clean solid colors, neutral grey axis, individual black point adjustment, precise color adjustment, and control. Experienced OEM partners such as Global Graphics, callas software, and ColorLogic ensure the highest quality and performance and combine Workflow software with exceptional core technologies.

Easy data management

Durst Print Workflow structured management of articles, collections, and customer orders. Automatic Preflight is performed, which checks all print data for printing suitability. Ink costs can be calculated after the check-in process for individual print files. Specific statutes are assigned to Print data, orders, and production jobs, allowing mapping production progress.


Durst Print Workflow can also be easily integrated into an existing ERP/MIS or any other environment. This allows exchanging information between these systems automatically to avoid redundancy and ensure correct data. Integration is also the basis for automating a print job creation and sending all job-relevant data from an ERP system to Durst Print Workflow.

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