ColorLogic's philosophy is characterized by customer proximity, by the clear goal of developing ever-better and more targeted solutions in the field of color management, and by fairness and trust in dealing with their partners, customers, staff and competitors. That was what prompted them to establish ColorLogic GmbH in March 2002. From the outset, the focus of the ColorLogic team was clearly on gearing their business activities to partnership. They are convinced that integrated solutions, tailored to the individual application, are more important than ever, both now and in the future. This presupposes that color management products are easy to use, can be perfectly integrated in the work environment, and operate reliably. To make all this possible for their customers, their technology offers diverse options that cater to a wide range of applications and requirements.



CoPrA, supplied by ColorLogic, is the control center for any profiling task as it produces high-quality profiles with easy-to-use tools in just a few clicks on the user-friendly interface. It is...

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ZePrA, supplied by ColorLogic, is a sophisticated color server that analyzes color on-the-fly, enabling a fast and flawless creation of DeviceLinks profiles without the delay of long and costly ...

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All-in-one solution ColorAnt integrates advanced color management tools to deliver the most comprehensive overview of the measured printers’ quality prior to ICC color profile creation. This Col...

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Device Link Sets

ColorLogic offers interested system integrators and suppliers of workflow, RIP and color management solutions the possibility of licensing and integrating pre-calculated, manually optimized DeviceL...
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