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DPart is a metadata hierarchy that can be present in a PDF file to provide additional information associated with pages or groups of pages.

callas pdfDPartner is a free Acrobat plugin provided by callas software that allows for viewing DPart metadata as may present in PDF documents.

Ultimately, DPart information is to be used automatically, under software control. Yet being able to accurately see the data available in a PDF document greatly helps while building DPart capable software and while envisioning automation scenarios and building workflows. Sadly, a viewer for DPart information in a PDF file was so far lacking.

With callas pdfDPartner, if a PDF file has DPart metadata, it is possible to display the metadata hierarchy. This way you can quickly and easily browse the full document and also see the various DPart metadata available for the pages in the document. When clicking on a metadata entry the associated page is displayed in Acrobat.

callas pdfDPartner works with all PDF’s with DPart structures. Via the Export functionality, the full DPart metadata can be saved as a JSON file, which has all the hierarchical information that is available in the PDF file.

As callas software believes in the potential that DPart can offer for page based PDF automation, it has decided to provide the solution free of charge.


  • Easy inspection of DPart metadata in PDF documents.
  • Export of DPart information for further analysis and workflow modeling.

Key features

  • As a plugin integrated into Adobe Acrobat.
  • Immediate identification of PDF documents containing DPart information.
  • Full overview of all DPart information in a PDF, with links to the associated pages or page ranges.
  • Export of DPart information to a JSON file for further analysis.

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