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callas pdfToolbox Server automates and standardizes the process of delivering and receiving files. Its advantages: automatic, high-quality preflighting and automatic, reliable correction of PDF files.

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Hands off conversion to and from pdf

pdfToolbox server will convert any type of file to and from pdf, ranging from Office documents to PostScript or Images. In addition, the shapes technology embedded in pdfToolbox uses tracing technology, which allows you to add a correct die-cut line, an additional varnish or foil layer or an under-color white layer exactly there where needed.

Build pre-defined process plans for automation

You can also set up process plans with pdfToolbox Server. These plans define an automated flow that a file should be checked and processed through. Each step can be a preflight profile, a single preflight check or a fix or an action (such as saving images, transforming RGB to CMYK or, creating a booklet ….

Check point for manual intervention

Do you need someone to check the error files to decide whether or not they are a real production problem and, if necessary, to fix them? Then you can integrate manual parts in your automated workflow. This way, the operator can create added value for the client by using his knowledge, based on best practices to decide the best possible way to intervene in this error.

Quickly create standardized documents

By using a preflight profile, you can easily identify and fix PDF problems. Many of those are based on international standards, such as ISO PDF standards or the Ghent Workgroup specifications. That way you are assured that the final document will be standardized and ready to print.

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