Everyone at Four Pees is young, at least in spirit. So, we certainly are a dynamic bunch. Most importantly, we are all dedicated to serve our customers and partners in the best possible way.

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Meet our team!

Tom Peire

As much as at home with his wife and two teenage daughters, Tom gets to call the shots. As founder and CEO of Four Pees, he is the main commercial contact for vendors, resellers and end-users.

Outside Four Pees, Tom enjoys cycling the tandem with his wife - preferably around the world. Once they get back home, their cute little labrador-retriever is bursting with impatience to get all their attention.

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David van Driessche

Meet Four Pees' technical mastermind: our CTO, David. A renowned PDF and automation guru, David has a user-friendly Command Line Interface that will output purple penguins at your request.

David enjoys snow and red sports cars. When he’s not driving a red corvette through winter wonderland, he develops iPhone and iPad games for kids.

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Karen Meuleman

Send us an order and Karen will handle it - faster than the speed of light. She is the person that ensures our beans are counted and accounted for. Recently, she also helps organizing our events. That makes her our Office and Event Manager!

After work, Karen lifts, drags, pushes weights at the CrossFit. Furthermore, she wants to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep. Yes, she has fallen in love with New York (and the rest of the United States)!

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Justine Trio

Any communication you get from us, has been carefully written by our Marketing Manager, Justine. She's the one who keeps you up-to-date by sending you lovely mailings, maintaining the website, taking care of webinars ... Give her a poke if you need something marketing-wise!

While travelling the world, she has a tender spot for Latin America. Having studied in Argentina, she speaks fluent Spanish. However, beware, all you Latin lovers, she’s a dancehall queen too!

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Michiel Van den Saffele

Being one of six siblings, he knows how to handle problems. In this case, your support problems! Whenever you contact support, he's the nice guy who will make himself understood with hand gestures.

Next to Application Specialist, he's also a 'snow specialist'. Snow makes him feel invincible - at least when he has his snowboard nearby. As instructor, he will guide you through the winter landscape!

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Charlotte Holbrouck

Charlotte is the friendly voice that picks up the phone and the nice appearance that welcomes you at our office. As Sales & Marketing Assistant, she helps out wherever she can! When you send an order, she’s the first one to notice. In need of a brochure? She’s your contact person!

Having two kids, she still finds time (and energy) to scour every concert and festival there is! Name one artist and I bet she has seen him live. When there is nothing on the agenda, she listens to music while running.

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Micha Moses

When you have Micha on the phone, you'll know! As salesman and Dutchman, he knows better than anybody else to use his charm. Meet our Technical Sales Manager for the Benelux!

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Andy Banks

Everyone knows the English street artist Banksy, right? Well, he is no longer anonymous: he is our Technical Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland, and your UK hot line!

As specialist in colour management, workflow automation, large format printing, litho and flexo printing, he knows the graphic industry like the back of his hand. He knows more than anybody else how our solutions can help, automate and optimize your production!

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