Guarantee copy and image integrity throughout the print process.

Avoid costly product recalls and image damage

More and more packaging is regulated by the government, predominantly medication, food, and beverages. Ingredients, allergens, nutritional values, etc. all need to be designed in a particular way. Tiny details that might get lost with every iteration.

Avoid costly product recalls and the subsequent image damage with a robust proofreading process.

Stay best friends with marketing, legal and compliance

  • Make sure all the correct content is preserved throughout all the stages of creation and production.
  • Automatically check the copy and visuals on the packaging, so you are sure that everything that was approved by marketing and legal is still correct.

Choose the approach that works best for you

The old way of doing things: every supplier in the process (agency, printer) has to check the final result with the requirements manually. The new way: an automated checking process.

Centralized checking: the brand owner provides a platform where all agencies can upload their files. Once the print proofs are uploaded, the files are checked against the requirements of the brand owner. Our intelligent software immediately detects possible mistakes and automatically gives the agency or printer immediate approval or disapproval.

Decentralized checking: the other option is to ask your preferred agency and printer to install the software so they can automatically check everything.

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