Get ready for take-off

The biggest pain point in the production print workflow: the onboarding of customer files

Did you know that 50% of the time used to produce a job is spent before the press?

In most companies, the onboarding process takes too long and is also manual. Tasks that usually take little time take a long time because no one is available to do them. In addition, they are laborious and repetitive. It's a time-consuming process that is eating at your profits, but you can't charge extra for it when there are many back and forth processes. So, automate it!

One last check before the job moves down the flow

  • Once an order is created, send a unique upload link to the customer so you are sure to link the right file with the corresponding order.
  • Don’t waste time chasing files, just send them an email automatically as the deadline approaches.
  • Rather than checking files according to standards, make sure they meet the specific order requirements.
  • So where is that job again in production? Who needs to take action? Get a comprehensive overview of jobs, their status, and required actions. Each operator gets their dedicated to-do list.

Smart onboarding

Checking a file without applying the needed corrections is not very productive. We will help you detect the errors, correct them automatically if possible and send them to an operator for further inspection where needed.

Automatical corrections include adjust page size, create cutting lines, varnish or white layers, etc.