Production Dashboard

Keep a hawk's eye on your production. Know where print jobs are in the process and get all the needed insights to take quick action.

Keeping an overview is crucial for quick delivery and qualitative results

Use our dashboarding solutions to check the jobs when they move down the flow.

  • Link the right file to the correct order (PO)
  • Traceability: who of your employees is responsible for that file? The calculator? The customer service representative?
  • Send a unique upload link to the customer, so you are always working with the last delivered file. Send them a reminder when their slot approaches.
  • Does everything meet the technical specifications?

Keep an overview and get insights

  • In many companies, automation has led to implementing a black box: no one has any clue where jobs are in the process or workflow.
  • Thanks to our browser-based dashboarding solutions, all operators and stakeholders have a good overview of what's expected. They can communicate correctly about the job status.
  • Connect to all your other business intelligence software and data to generate actionable insights.