Media Optimization

One-click impositioning, ganging and nesting. Higher margins thanks to optimal use of your printing media.

Create one-click impositions

  • Make dynamic impositions
  • Our software comes up with the most efficient combination form for printing (ganging or rectangular nesting) and can combine irregular shapes (nesting)
  • For sewn or stitched print jobs, Plano work, or when you need to combine shapes.
  • Suitable for offset, digitial, web, gravure, large format, signage, etc.

Combine orders in one print job

  • Combining orders from two different customers for all production techniques (stickers, paper, cardboard, labels, boxes, etc.)
  • Combine orders that require a specific enhancement. For example, put on one part of the sheet all the jobs that need lamination, varnish, spot varnish, foiling, etc. to minimize media loss.