Imp is a one-click planning automation tool to create and impose layouts for books, ganging and packaging jobs on both sheet- and web-fed presses.

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One application tool to impose them all

The intelligent Imp algorithm is designed for users to create any kind of layout without selecting the press type. Jobs will only be planned when the required machines are selected. Suitable for commercial print, packaging and large format applications.

Time-saving mistake filter

By eliminating manual labor for rushed job layouts, the Imp frees up time for proactive color or layout projects and efficient scheduling.

Constant assessment for constant evaluation

Imp constantly evaluates the layouts against any constraints defined by printing, folding, die cutting and other finishing process - keeping the user informed at all times of any problem.

Easy and single user interface for different types of users

Imp is a single tool, one-click solution for estimators, planners & pre-press operators to create efficient, accurate layouts for multiple presses with very different demands. Everybody in the process looks at the same file on the same program, leaving no room for discussion later on.

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