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In many environments, there are regulatory requirements that all communication regarding specific topics has to be archived for a certain period of time. pdfaPilot helps you guarantee that your documents can be archived and viewed long in the future.

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With pdfaPilot supports all three PDF/A versions: PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3. It doesn’t only convert PDF files, but also office documents, image formats and e-mails (attachments included) to searchable PDF/A files.

Make great looking email archives

pdfaPilot converts e-mail files into a PDF file that has the visual appearance of the e-mail as it is viewed in or printed by such email applications. Because the expectations can differ between different organizations, pdfaPilot uses a template driven approach that allows extensive customization. The templates are based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and thus very user-friendly.

Makes your PDF document universally accessible

PDF/UA offers a unique challenge: part of the requirements can be verified by software, but the other part requires human intervention. pdfaPilot handles the first part of the verification process completely. For human verification, functionalities are integrated to view the document in a structured and highlighted web view. After verification, a full compliance report can be created.

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