axaio MadeForLayers helps streamlining and simplifying the creation and editing of complex documents. It saves design time and reduces human errors while working with layer-heavy documents. Different layers can be combined into layer views, showing different language or regional variants of a document.

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Easy integrations for printing or export

When combined with axaio MadeToPrint the different layer views can automatically be printed or exported to PDF, instantly creating output for all different language or regional versions without any chance of mistakes.

Use layer views to organize multilingual documents

By grouping all layers for a specific language into a layer view, MadeForLayers hugely reduces the chance on error and minimizing confusion while editing. With axaio MadeToPrint you can then easily create either one master PDF file containing all language variants, or one PDF file for each language.

Customize content for custom audiences

Region-specific publications (e.g. catalogues or brochures) ask for parts of the content to be customized for different regions or target groups. Creating layer views with axaio MadeForLayers allows organizing these different regional editions. This can be done for existing documents or a template can be created to streamline editing of all future production.

Streamline approval flows

In a typical workflow many stakeholders must review, comment and approve different versions of a design. Generating and keeping track of all of these versions can prove to be a logistical nightmare. Organizing the source Illustrator or InDesign document with the proper technical, marketing and legal layer views makes it easy to generate a single PDF file with axaio MadeToPrint and allows everyone to see just the information they need.

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