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Avec axaio MadeToPrint Auto, automatisez entièrement l’impression et l’exportation entre votre document source et votre ou vos cible(s) de sortie. Le processus d’automatisation repose sur une prise en charge intégrée des dossiers actifs.

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Automate your output processes

MadeToPrint Auto solves issues by automating, extending, enhancing, and streamlining printing and output processes. Predefined jobsets provide identical output from every file for increased efficiency, as well as considerable time and cost savings. MadeToPrint seamlessly integrates in any editorial system.

Streamline a faultless document production

axaio MadeToPrint offers streamlined and faultless production with standardized file naming, adding info bars, handling language layers and finally providing a fully imposed ready to print file. Leading to a streamlined approval process, even with documents in multiple languages and versions.

Get identical output every time

MadeToPrint helps with all technicalities of preparing files for print (misprints, issues with layers) by extending, enhancing, checking and streamlining all output processes. Create output jobsets once, make them available to all users, and get identical output from every workstation with one click.

Automate packaging creation

MadeToPrint helps automate the creation of different packaging versions, standardize file naming and increase output consistency. Once an output specification is set up in a MadeToPrint JobSet all files processed with that JobSet will consistently fit the same specification. Extract all kinds of versions from the same master file: different languages, low resolution for customer approval or a technical specification file. Now you can create PDF files from Illustrator and be assured that everything will run smoothly!

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