Quite Hot Imposing

For standalone/server use Quite Hot Imposing is a server product for working with hot folders or a command-line, and for integration with Enfocus Switch, building effortlessly on automation sequences made in Quite Imposing Plus.

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Automate with Hot Folders or Command Line

If you impose, and you want a way to automate your workflow and improve productivity and profits then you need Quite Hot Imposing. Quite Hot imposing combines the qualities of Quite Imposition Plus with the ability to step away from Adobe Acrobat and fully automate your imposition tasks with either a hot folder structure or by creating a command line interface.

Fully automate your imposition workflows

XML is rapidly gaining acceptance as a way of transferring information between programs, so it was a natural choice to create a hot folder structure with which you can create a customize workflow using its Hot folder or Command-Line (XML) tools.

If you are using Quite Imposing Plus, it makes an XML for every imposition you create, so you already have XML available for Quite Hot Imposing.

Integratable with industry leading tools

Quite Hot Imposing command line can be integrated with most industry-standard automation solutions, such as Enfocus Switch.

There is direct support for integrating Quite Hot Imposing with the Switch range of workflow automation products from Enfocus. The XML metadata is used to determine how a file should be imposed. You create the imposition layout, then export the settings for use with the Quite Hot Imposing configurator in Switch.

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