Private Data Magician

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Transform your private data

Private data magician uses simple text-based transformation rules to change the contents of a private data field in place or create a new private data field based on your original. The rules are easy to create and manage and the app thus avoids a custom script. The jobs passing through the script are entirely unchanged; it’s only the private data attached to the job that is potentially changed.

Using one piece of information to set many others

Private Data Magician can look at one private data field – perhaps a country code? – and set a whole slew of other private data fields. So, the input could be “BE” as the country code for Belgium, with the output being “Belgium” for the full name of the country, and “Euro” for the currency. The number of output fields is essentially unlimited; it all depends on what you need in your flows.

Handling missing information and wildcards

What if the private data field I’m looking for doesn’t exist? What if it has different information than I expected in my rules? Private data magician lets you handle both of those cases perfectly by using special rules. If the private data field for the country code is missing, you could set the output to “Unknown country”. If you have a country code you don’t have a rule for, you can just copy it towards the output instead of transforming it. Sounds complicated? Have a look at the documentation and the examples in the app itself and you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Combining information

Private Data Magician also allows you to look at multiple input private data fields and come up with “combined” information. Perhaps I have private data that defines the job as “A4” and its orientation as “Landscape”. What I really need is the width and height of the job. This is entirely possible with a simple rule that has multiple inputs and multiple outputs. Yes, it sounds a bit like magic, but that’s why it’s called Private Data Magician!