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Flexible print output automation at the German publishing house Wort & Bild Verlag

Apotheken Umschau is a known German pharmacy magazine, which is published by Wort & Bild Verlag as a customer magazine twice a month. The challenge in production is that the layouts of the magazine covers are individualized depending on the...

Math is not easy. How could you deal with it for accessible documents with MadeToTag?

MadeToTag takes care of fast and proper PDF/UA generation right from the layout in Adobe InDesign. Now, MadeToTag is also preparing for a new feature for more complex document contents: learn how to write mathematical formulas into PDF and...

MadeToPrint: Automate & standardize output workflows for print and packaging

This session will give you an overview of how MadeToPrint speeds up, standardizes, automates, streamlines, safeguards, combines and controls even the most complex and individual output requirements to PDF and other files from your preferred...

Webinar - What's new in pdfToolbox 11?

In this webinar, we will show you around in pdfToolbox 11. The new version is all about improvements to automated workflows and making PDF files production ready. 02:55 - pdfToolbox Desktop side-bar 03:40 - Dpart metadata

Webinar - The first steps in pdfToolbox

Are you already familiar with pdfToolbox? This powerful PDF preflight and correction application is very easy to use and performs well if it comes to workflow tasks. In pdfToolbox Desktop, you can fix PDF problems manually during preflight,...

A new PDF preflight report template

The PDF preflight report in pdfToolbox can be completely customized, but in practice that is rarely done, because it is fairly difficult. With pdfToolbox 11 comes a new preflight report template that is capable of much more than the old...

callas DPartner

A new standard combines the use of DPart information with a print intent vocabulary, so parts of PDF files can be labeled with origin or intent information. The possibilities for print automation are huge, and callas software provides a new,...

NextGenUI: Process Plans in pdfToolbox 11

Process Plans started out as a simple way to run a few fixups in a predefined order. Meanwhile, they are used to build the most complex workflows imaginable. Editing them was … not without limitations. Until now! 01:11 - What’s new...

Sidecar files & Jobtickets for an optimized Hot Folder processing

See how you can do more in pdfToolbox Server using job tickets or sidecar files delivered with your PDF files. 00:56 - How a Hot Folder works 02:21 - The problem statement: Variable usage in Hot Folder 03:46 - The...

The sense and nonsense of standardization in print

The Ghent Workgroup has been active in the 'standardization for print' arena since 2002, so for more than 17 years. But why was the group started? Where did it originate and with what purpose? And more importantly, does the effort spent on...
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