Four Pees Café - Sheet optimization: how can you fully automate your impositioning? - A case study

25 May 2021

Four Pees Café

How do you optimize media usage and impositioning? To fully automate impositioning, with little to no media waste is an enormous added value, but how do you do it?

To discuss this, we are welcoming Arkadiusz Szymosz from PM Solutions to our Four Pees Café, who did just this at Polish printer Based on an initial demo installation, his solution could save them over 54.000 euro’s in only six weeks.

During this Café he dives deeper into his solution and how a complicated process like impositioning can be completely automated. No more people doing manual and repetitive tasks, no more DTP working stations, no more multiple licenses, only one computer and one solution based on pdfToolbox and IMP.

Video in English

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