Four Pees Café – ZePrA 10, What’s new?

05 Jul 2022

Ready to bring some color to your world? ColorLogic will soon release ZePrA 10 with various new features to elevate ZePrA to the next level. The most important new features of ZePrA 10 are the improved and extended automation capabilities. They allow for complex workflows with dynamic changes on a job-by-job basis and additionally reduce the number of required configurations and queues in ZePrA.

In this Four Pees Café, Dietmar Fuchs, Product Manager at ColorLogic, dives deeper into all these innovations:

  • New automation possibilities and extended CLI for complex workflows with dynamic changes
  • New Auto Setup mode Copy and change an existing Configuration
  • Temporary change of the Job-specific configuration settings
  • New advanced rendering options to ZePrA’s SmartLink

Webinar in english

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