Four Pees Café - What's up with color? - Color, and you

17 May 2021

Four Pees Café

This Four Pees Café is the final episode of a new series of Cafés where color is the main theme. As usual the Café’s are meant to be introductions to certain applications or areas of knowledge, so we’re starting from scratch and building up to the current state of color management and how it works.

Of course, all of the topics we discussed in our previous Café’s on color is meant to bring us to the typical color management workflow.

Once we’re able to accurately describe colors and communicate them within a reference of standards, we can build color profiles and attempt to reproduce these colors between different devices. In this Four Pees Café, Michiel Van den Saffele looks into creating a color profile, color spaces and what can be lost in translation.

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