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Four Pees is an international value added distributor, with over 100 active resellers in more than 50 countries. We live under the credo to overcome the hurdles that prevent a product from selling.

With a large focus on the European continent, Four Pees also sells in North America, Latin America, India, Australia and other regions. We work with selected resellers with each their specialization in publishing, large format printing, commercial print or document management. Taking into account established relationships Four Pees sets up and expands your sales channel.

Through a presence in most regions around the globe, Four Pees provides professional business development, sales management and key account handling. We provide timely and structured feedback on all of our sales activities. This enables you to keep a close view on the overall activity and the progress our sales team is making with your products.

Four Pees acts as an extension of its reseller network, setting up lead generating activities and sharing these leads with its reselling partners. We offer extensive pre-sales support through proper sales and technical training, online demonstrations and onsite customer visits. 

Four Pees